RESVERATROL WEIGHT LOSS?     October 16, 2011
Resveratrol was first found in 1940 in the roots of a plant called Veratrum grandiflorum. Later on, in 1976,
resveratrol was discovered in grapes, and in 1992, resveratrol was also found in wine. [13] Resveratrol exhibits a
wide range of biological effects, including antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimutagenic and antifungal
properties. [4] This compound is also believed responsible for some of the beneficial effects of moderate red wine
drinking on the cardiovascular system. One liter of red wine contains 1.5-3 mg of resveratrol. Resveratrol also
exists in grapes. Resveratrol supplements are popular in the US and other countries.

Various test-tube and animal studies have shown that resveratrol may benefit - arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular
diseases, diabetes, fatty liver, pancreatitis, ischemia-reperfusion injury of kidney, sperm production... Then, how
are about weight loss? Are there any scientific evidence that resveratrol promote weight loss?


Resveratrol weight loss

Some online articles argue that resveratrol speeds up metabolism to help users burn more calories throughout the
day. Thus, resveratrol help weight loss
. Let us review two relevant scientific reports on resveratrol weight loss:

Resveratrol in combination with genistein and quercetin synergistically decreased adipogenesis in murine and
human adipocytes. A in vivo study showed that phytochemicals including resveratrol in combination with vitamin D
prevented weight gain and bone loss in a postmenopausal rat model. [WL1]

In another study of aged ovariectomized female rats, the high-dose treatment (vitamin D+400 mg/kg resveratrol+2,
000 mg/kg quercetin+1,040 mg/kg genistein) reduced body weight gain and the fat pad weights. This treatment also
increased the serum concentration of insulin-like growth factor-1 and the bone mineral content of the femur. Thus,
the synergistic effects of a combination of resveratrol with vitamin D may be effective in reducing bone loss and
weight gain after menopause. [WL2]

Based on these few animal studies, one may conclude that resveratrol may help prevent "weight gain" under
certain conditions. But, there is still no concrete evidence that resveratrol help weight loss.

The last section of some of these online articles actually suggest the readers not to consume sugary or starchy
carbohydrates after 6 pm, but the readers should eat often, do not over eat, and try 5 small meals daily. They even
suggest protein diets and exercise plan to readers. Sure, diet control and exercise can help weight loss!
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