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Astaxanthin Dosage

A Astoxanthin Dosages Used in Animal Studies
Researchers isolated astaxanthin from Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous. And then, they supplemented rats suffered
from naproxen-induced gastric antral ulceration with astaxanthin. The oral administration of astaxanthin (1, 5, and
25 mg/kg of body weight) showed a significant protection against naproxen (80 mg/kg of body weight)-induced
gastric antral ulcer and inhibited elevation of the lipid peroxide level in gastric mucosa. They also found that
pretreatment of astaxanthin resulted in a significant increase in the activities of radical scavenging enzymes such as
superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase. The acute gastric mucosal lesion induced by naproxen
nearly disappeared after the pretreatment of astaxanthin. [15]

A study of spontaneously hypertensive rats has shown the antihypertensive effects of astaxanthin. Oral
administration of astaxanthin for 14 days induced a significant reduction in the arterial blood pressure. The
long-term administration of astaxanthin (50 mg/kg) for 5 weeks in stroke prone rats induced a significant reduction in
the blood pressure. [16]

B. Astaxanthin Dosage Used In Clinical Studies
A study has demonstrated that astaxanthin significantly prolonged the LDL oxidation lag time (31.5, 45.4, 65.0 min)
compared with the control (19.9 min) in a dose-proportionality manner. In the same study, the researchers dosed 24
volunteers with astaxanthin at doses of 1.8, 3.6,14.4 and 21.6 mg per day for 14 days. They also found the a longer
LDL oxidation lag time. [12]

Another study (35 healthy adults) reveals that 6 mg of astaxanthin per day can be safely consumed by healthy
adults. [2] One study of the effects of astaxanthin on human blood rheology were investigated in 20 adult men with a
single-blind method. A blood rheology test that measures whole blood transit time was conducted using heparinized
blood of the volunteers. After administration of astaxanthin 6 mg/day for 10 days.

C. Astaxanthin Dosages in Commercial Products
I sum up the dosages of a few commercial astaxanthin products and they are:
         1. Now Foods, Astaxanthin, 4 mg, (1 softgel/serving)
         2. Doctor's Best, Astaxanthin, 6 mg, Canthaxanthin, 1 mg (two capsules/serving)
         3. Nutrex, CardioAstin, Astaxanthin, 8 mg and other ingredients (two capsules/serving)
         4. Solgar, Astaxanthin, 5 mg (1 softgel/serving)
Astaxanthin Review
Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid pigment, is a powerful biological antioxidant. Astaxanthin exhibits strong
free radical scavenging activity and protects against lipid peroxidation and oxidative damage of LDL-cholesterol, cell
membranes, cells, and tissues. Consequently, astaxanthin has important applications in the Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics,
Food and Feed industries.

For last 2 decades. more than 300 articles and patents have been published regarding astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a
small Lipid soluble molecule that can cross the blood brain and retina barriers easily. Because of its antioxidant
activities and blood brain/retina permeability, astaxanthin was found to have benefits on various health conditions
including inflammation, diabetics, certain cardiovascular, vision and CNS conditions.

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring molecule and the most abundant carotenoid in the marine world. Astaxanthin can be
found in many of seafood such as salmon, trout, seabream and shrimps. Astaxanthin cannot be synthesized by animals
and must be provided in the diet. The main or richest commercial source for natural astaxanthin is Haematococcus
pluvialis microalgae. Most manufacturers have the advanced biotechnology process to cultivate large amount of
enriched algae cells without the disadvantages of open pond algae systems such as problems associated with
contaminations and salinity. In addition, the Haematococcus microalgae is cultivated in ideal environmental conditions
using the natural sun light as the energy source all year round.

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