Yohimbe Side Effects
Yohimbe Side Effects

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe), a tree bark, is marketed in a number of products for body
building and "enchanced male performance." It is believed that yohimbe enhance blood flow into
penis consequently, yohimbe may cause an erection. It was found that yohimbine, the active
ingredient of yohimbe, performed better in combination of arginine. [16]

One study showed that yohimbine combined with arginine could increase physical arousal among
23 women with female sexual arousal disorder. [17]. Yohimbe may also help depression, but more
studies are needed to prove this claim.

Yohimbe side effects are serious and include dizziness, anxiety, hyperstimulation, nausea, renal
failure and seizures. Over-dosage may cause weakness and nervous stimulation followed by
paralysis, fatigue, stomach disorders, blood pressure alternation and ultimately death. Currently, a
few products containing yohimbe are under FDA investigation.

Yohimbine, the yohimbe major alkaloid, is a vasodilator to lower blood pressure. Yohimbine is
also a prescription drug in the US. Yohimbine side effects include anxiety attacks via CNS
stimulation. High dose of yohimbine can cause serious side effects when taken together with
tyramine-containing foods such as liver, cheeses, red wine or with products containing
phenylpropanolamine [1-15].

Yomhimbe should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, or those with kidney, liver or blood
pressure problems or sexual organ inflammation. Yomhimbe should not be taken together with
tricyclic antidepressants, phenothiazines, clonidine, other drugs or supplements for lowering blood

Self-medication is discouraged because of yohimbeÂ’s side effects. Yohimbe can produce
significant side effects even in a small dose, especially if taken over a long period of time.
Yohimbe side effects are close to its toxic effects.

Dosage of Yomhimbe

Yohimbe bark is taken in a form standardized to yohimbine content. The usual dose of yohimbine
is 15-30 mg daily. Lower dose of yohimbe may work even better for some people.  Because of its
serious side effects, one should consult doctor before taking this herb.

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