Maitake mushroom Side Effects
Revised on November 12, 2011
Maitake mushroom [Grifola frondosa] is an edible fungus. It has a large fruiting body and overlapping
caps. Maitake is increasingly being recognized as a potent source of polysaccharide compounds with
dramatic health-promoting potential. Traditionally, maitake mushroom has been used as a food and a
herbal remedy. Early studies suggest that beta-glucan extracts from maitake mushroom may benefit
cancers. In animal studies, maitake mushroom extracts are reported to have the benefits of blood sugar
level lowering. More please review
Maitake Mushroom Benefits

Miatake side effects
Maitake has not been studied thoroughly in humans, and its side effects are not well known. Because it has
been used historically as a food, it is believed that low doses may be safe. However, studies in animals
suggest that it may lower blood pressure. Caution is advised when using herbs or supplements that may
also lower blood sugar. Caution is advised in patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia, and in those taking
drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. Little is known about the safety of maitake in
pregnancy, breastfeeding and other related health conditions.

Shigesue K and co-workers from Kobe Pharmaceutical University, Japan, reported that maitake extracts
might induce arthritis. [8] Maitake mushroom may cause allergy. A case of occupational hypersensitivity
pneumonitis has been reported. [9] Otherwise, maitake side effects are not frequently reported.

Maitake Mushroom Drug Interaction
Maitake Mushroom may interact with diabetic drugs such as glimepiride, glyburide, insulin, glipizide etc., as
both might decrease blood sugar. Users may need to change the doses of their diabetic drugs to prevent
episodes of hypoglycemia.
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