Gotu kola Hair Loss
gotu kola reviews updated on October 23, 2011
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Gotu kola Herb Reviews
Gotu Kola herb was considered as a spiritual herb in Ayurveda and it is used with meditation to revitalize the nerves
and brain cells. In traditional medicine, gotu kola is believed to help develop the crown charka, the energy center at
the top of the head. And the key ingredient of gotu kola herb is known to be asiatic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene.
[6-9] Gotu Kola Tea has been claimed to have benefits of enhancing brain and memory functions, treating
Alzheimer's Disease and overcoming stress and fatigue by online venders.  However, overdosage of gotu kola may
cause side effects such as headache, stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, and extreme drowsiness.
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Gotu kola has been suggested as a cure for hair loss over the internet. A popular website claims "
Gotu kola is used
in the form of an oil extract to promote hair growth
". Another website argues that regarding hair loss, Gotu Kola helps
increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp. When enough blood reaches the follicles, they are less likely to be
killed by the effects of DHT (DiHydroTestosterone). This is an interesting hypothesis. Let's see what scientific study
have been done about how gotu kola prevents hair loss:

A study by Ritu Jain, Pranav Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, India, demonstrated that gotu kola
extract improved the hair length and density in rats. While, a polyherbal formulation consisting of gotu kola and
several other extracts had a better effect on hair growth as compare to single extracts of gotu kola and other herbs.
[AA1] I have checked with scientific abstracts (October 23, 2011), there is no report on "gotu kola prevents hair loss".
Promoting the hair length is different from preventing hair loss. Further, the study is on animal, it is not sure, if the
result is reproducible on the human hair.
[AA1] Ritu Jain et al, Development and Evaluation of Polyherbal Ointment for Hair Growth Activity, International
Journal of Pharmacey and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol 3, Suppl 2, 2011