Gotu kola Reviews
Recent studies demonstrated that Gotu kola destroyed cultured tumor cells in the laboratory setting (in vitro),
promoted wound healing and more. This article summarize a few possible gotu kola benefits.
Gotu kola Cellulite
gotu kola reviews updated on October 23, 2011
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Gotu kola Herb Reviews
Gotu Kola herb was considered as a spiritual herb in Ayurveda and it is used with meditation to revitalize the nerves
and brain cells. In traditional medicine, gotu kola is believed to help develop the crown charka, the energy center at
the top of the head. Gotu Kola Tea has been claimed to have benefits of enhancing brain and memory functions,
Alzheimer's Disease and overcoming stress and fatigue by online venders. Unfortunately, these claims have
no or very limited direct scientific support.
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Cellulite, a clinical syndrome mainly affecting women, involves specific changes in conjunctive dermic and
subcutaneous tissue, leading to vascular and hypertrophic alterations in adipose tissues and the consequent
alteration of tissue structure. Gotu kola has been promoted to be effective at flushing cellulite by improving the
circulation of blood and enhancing the structure of connective tissue, allowing new collagen formation, which keeps
skin tight and firm. However, there is no direct scientific evidence that gotu kola benefits conditions like cellulite. But,
there is a research article about the design of hydrogels and pluronic-lecithin organogels elaborated as vehicles of
Aloe vera (Aloe vera linné) and Hydrocotyle asiatica (Centella asiatica) for the treatment of cellulite. [C1]

[C1] Morales ME, et al, Study and description of hydrogels and organogels as vehicles for cosmetic active
ingredients. J Cosmet Sci. 2009 Nov-Dec;60(6):627-36.