What are the health
benefits of Gentiana?
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What is Gentiana? What are its potential health benefits?

Gentiana, a genus of Gentian family (Gentianceae), has about 400 species. A few of these
species have been used in traditional herbal medicine and believed to benefit people
suffered from various chronic diseases, such as cancers. For example, Gentiana root has
been used in a Chinese herbal formula Long-dan-tan to treat patients suffered from
hepatocellular carcinoma. [6]

Researchers from Iwate University, Japan, found daily intake of the root extract of Gentiana
triflora could inhibit the growth of implanted solid tumors. [1] In an early basic study, Gentiana
triflora showed antimicrobial activity. [5]


Amin A. from UAE University, UAE, reported Gentiana lutea extract alleviated the testicular
damage from ketoconazole in male Wistar rats. [2] Studies also showed that gentiopicroside,
sweroside and swertiamarine from Gentiana lutea might benefit wound healing (based on a
study of chicken embryonic fibroblasts) while its root extract might also benefit animals
infected by the gram-negative bacterium Helicobacter pylori. [3,4]