What does comfrey contain?
Comfrey is a good source of allantoin; allantoin facilitates the growth of new cells
including bones.

In general, comfrey is considered as a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory, analgesic
and tissue regenerating properties in Germany. A clinical study shows its efficacy on
acute ankle sprains, pain and edema. [2] Topical application of comfrey shows
improvement of morning joint stiffness with good tolerability in another trial. [3]

What are the side effects of comfrey?
The side effects of oral-intake comfrey can be extremely serious. Comfrey is a rat liver
toxin and carcinogen. It tumorigenicity is related to its genotoxicity of pyrrolizidine
alkaloids in the plant. [1]

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been linked to substantial toxicity after their intake as tea
and in the setting of contaminated cereals have led to endemic outbreaks in Jamaica,
India and Afghanistan. Its leave is a substantial health hazard with hepatic toxicity.
The mechanisms are not fully understood but believed to be related to the
biotransformation of alkaloids. Comfrey causes veno-occlusive disease first, then
eventually liver failure. [4]

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WHAT IS COMFREY? What are the health benefits of comfrey? Comfrey [Symphytum officinale. L.] is a vigorous,
perennial garden plant of the borage family. Comfrey is a popular herb for burns, bites, cuts, strains, sprains and
broken bones.
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