Why is flaxseed meal
getting popular?
Flaxseed meal is getting popular.

Flaxseed meal was found to be more beneficial on some chronic conditions such as high triglycerides and
liver steatosis than soy protein meal, in a study of rats. [3]

Researchers from U.S. Department of Agriculture, MD, fed the rats diets containing 20% of energy from
casein (control), soy protein concentrate or flaxseed meal for six months. They found that soy protein and
flaxseed meal significantly could decrease plasma total cholesterol in slim rats. Flaxseed meal had
significant cholesterol lowering effect in obese fat. Flaxseed meal also significantly lowered plasma
triglyceride in both lean and obese rats.  And, flaxseed meal significantly lowered fat deposition in livers of
both groups of rats. [3]

Consumption of soybean and soy-based food products, as the source of plant protein, can retard the
development and progression of chronic renal disease. Researchers from George Washington University
Medical Center noticed that the obese spontaneously hypertensive/NIH-corpulent rat, a model of obesity
and type II diabetes mellitus that consistently develops nephropathy resembling diabetic nephropathy. [4]

They then randomly assigned male SHR/N-cp rats to diets either 20% casein, 20% soy protein concentrate,
or 20% flaxseed meal for 6 months. They found, plasma glucose levels did not differ among the three
groups, but plasma insulin concentration was significantly lower in rats fed flaxseed meal than those fed
either casein or soy protein concentrate. [4]

In addition, urinary protein excretion was significantly lower in rats fed flaxseed than in rats fed either casein
or soy protein concentrate. Morphologic analysis of renal structural lesions showed that the percentage of
abnormal glomeruli with mesangial expansion and the tubulointerstitial score (an index of severity of
tubulointerstitial damage) were significantly reduced in rats fed flaxmeal compared to those fed casein or
soy protein concentrate. [4]
Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

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hypertriglyceridemia and steatosis of the liver in an animal model of obesity. J Am Coll Nutr. 2003 Apr;22(2):157-64. [4] Velasquez MT, et al, Dietary flaxseed
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