The Health Benefits of Tao Ren

Semen Persicae (peach kernel; persica, Prunus Persica (L. )Batsch;
Amygdalus davidiana; tao ren; 桃仁; tonin; toin) [3]

Prunus Persica can be found throughout China. Traditionally, it was used to "break
up" blood stasis and to treat constipation (because of dehydration). It is believed that
it have anti-coagulative, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic activities. It
may promote bowel movements and kill pain. It contains glycerols, sterol ester,
phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, catechin, pruning, naringenin,
guercetin, phosphatidyl serine, kaempferol and some other compounds. [3]

What are the side effects of Tao Ren?

Raw tao ren is believed to be toxic and it may affect the sexual development of
females. [See Reference 2]

Are there any health benefits of Tao Ren (with scientific support)?

Ejindu A. from London South Bank University studied how the facial massage
compared to that of foot massage affected on sleep induction and vital signs of six
healthy adults. The researcher observed a drop in systolic blood pressure of 8.5mm
Hg was recorded immediately after facial massage using peach-kernel base oil
Prunus persica compared to that of 1mmHg recorded after foot massage using the
same type of oil. [1]

Both treatments were equally effective in reducing subjective levels of alertness during
the interventions, with face massage marginally better at producing subjective
sleepiness. However, it is not sure what role the oil took part in the seduction or the
blood-pressure lowering. [1]

Researchers from Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health, Kharkov, injected 0.2 ml of
peach kernel oil intramuscularly into female rats at prepuberty. They found the oil
inhibited dose-dependently the somatic development of the rats before puberty. It
inhibited the ovarian endocrine function, significantly delayed the initial (opening of the
vagina) and terminal (ovulation) stages of puberty or suppressed it completely (in 30%
of cases). [2]


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