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Okay, I keep trying to find a comment online about what I have experienced.  I love Stevia and started
using it about a year ago.  However, after a couple of months of using it, I developed a painful swelling
and about a dime sized red circle under my left nipple.  The swelling and pain continued and the red
circle became plum-sized over a few days.  I also developed lumps in my left armpit.  I stopped the Stevia
although I didn't really believe that it was the cause.  After about a week, the swollen breast subsided.  

A few months later I started using Stevia again thinking it couldn't be connected to the breast issue.  After
a few weeks, I got the swollen breast again.  I stopped Stevia use and it subsided.

So, I still wasn't convinced believe it or not.  After about 3 more months, I again tried Stevia.  Again, the
same effect...this time within a week of using the Stevia.  Now I am convinced and will throw my Stevia
away.  Has anyone else experienced this??? December 24, 2010 3:13 PM

Is it possible for stevia to cause the tongue to tingle and burn?

I am going nuts trying to figure out the problem.

First, I had candida... I have been tested twice and am now candida free.    I am on B Vitamins thinking
that might be the problem.  At first it started getting better, but now it is back again.

I do have a hard time digesting carbs but I know I need some carbs in my diet....

My gallbladder is not working properly so maybe that is part of the problem....

Thanks for anything you can suggest. January 2, 2011 2:35 PM

Hi, would you consider performing a comparison on the ingredients of all the stevia products available? January 4, 2011 5:00 PM

I just came across your wonderful blog on stevia.  I have been using it (Purevia, Truvia, SweetLeaf) on
and off for about 18 months since being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I have also given it to my 84 year old
mother, who also takes Splenda.  I use 1/2 to 1 packet perhaps 3-4 times per week.  My mother uses a
full packei of sweetner 1 or more times per day.

Recently I have experienced episodes of dizziness, lowered blood pressure, and muscle weakness in my
left shoulder.  Around the same time I started getting ringing in my head, more prominent on the left side
but present on both sides and often continuous with brief periods of relief.  I can wake up with it and go to
bed with it.  I stopped taking stevia about a week ago but have really not noticed a difference yet.  I am
about to see an ENT specialist to see if there is another explanation, but frankly your blog feels like the
answer.  I should also mention that I have  reactions (mainly bone pain, particularly in my knees) to
artificial sweetners in general.  Also, my mother suffers from depression, dementia, and high blood
pressure, but lately I have noticed lately that her blood pressure, particularly the dystolic pressure (the
bottom number), has been inexplicably low (at times below 100) and she is increasingly reluctant and
resistant to leaving the house, complaining of "not feeling good".  I will take her off the stevia as well.

I will check back with you again but thanks for the infomation

My Response
Happy New Year. Thank you for your story. My computer (the one with the website program) has been
down for weeks, but I will by-pass the issue soon and update the website. Overdose of stevia may cause
hypotension, do you feel better after stopping using it? What did the ENT specialist say? Wish you a
wonderful year of 2011. Thank you for sharing your story with us again. January 17, 2011 11:06 PM
Thanks for getting back to me.  I do feel better but not sure if it is due to other things I have done, i.e.
more rest, additional supplements, etc.  The ringing is still present, maybe a little improved, and the ENT
said I have to live with it.  Clearly I will not accept that and am still looking for a cure. Saturday, January 8, 2011 3:06 AM
Thanks for providing great information on ginger. I wonder if you are aware of any studies that distinguish
between the effects of herbs or roots on a study group living on raw food and taking no medication
versus one of standard American diet and taking medication. If so, please let me know. There is an
increasing number of studies that take into account raw food diet and standard diet. I take the liberty to
attach one such preliminary study, which I find remarkable.
I liked your clear display of contact information on the ginger article, so it was easy for me to email you. I
could not find any info about on your website, may be I overlooked. Would be great if you
could provide it.

Please do not give my email address for promotional mail or give to third parties.
Thanks again, January 12, 2011 7:42 PM

your website is a treasure trove of information, and in fact I find it helpful when eating raw and choosing
herbs to neutralize contaminations you mentioned. Many herbs have properties to eliminate toxins. You
are right, Salmonella can be a real problem, for which reason it is not recommended to eat raw eggs, for
instance. So I did some research and found that organic eggs are far less prone to salmonella. Dr.
Moerman, one of the pioneers in cancer treatment gave raw egg yolk to his patients and recomments raw
egg yolk for cancer prevention, I think primarily for the Vitamin E content. The egg whites, though, should
not be eating raw. Nature seems to have a remedy for everyhing. In Europe they did an experiment. They
put salmonella on a plastic cutting board and on a wooden one. The salmonella on the plastic thrived,
while the they died on the wooden. So there is some inherent health benefit in natural products that we
need to learn about more.

Raw food is controversial and there are some noisy "half-educated" raw food promoters out there who
just discoverd the benefits of raw food seeing it as an all cure remedy without knowing the pitfalls. But I
know quite some people who cured fatal diseases with raw food, especially greens, who know quite well
that there is no all cure method and who do a responsible job in distributing information. I have been
eating raw organic egg yolks for years and had no problem,  but I would not eat non-organic, the risk is
too high for me. If you are interested in more about raw food, go to This is one
of the websites promoting raw food. I know the Boutenko family personally, they have been on a totally
raw food diet for  about 10 years and the live what they preach. Victoria Boutenko did a study on greens
in her MA thesis. Personally I found that herb and roots help you with potential contamination of raw food,
and organic raw food is usually less contaminated. Also, due to its higher vitamin and mineral content it
contributes towards a better immune system. I had the worst hay fever you can imagine every year for a
couple of months and nothing helped, my nose constantly clogged and my eyes were swollen. The
allopathic remedies made it worse after a short relief of about 5 minutes. And one day I had the idea to
check my nutrition and experimented. When I dropped cooked eggs and pasteurized dairy and protein
(such as in pasteurized milk, heated egg whites) and salt, the hay fever went away like it had never been
with me. I replaced cooked protein by raw grains that have, according to Dr. Bruker the right amount of
protein that the body needs, but it must be in raw, whole form. Also, the raw egg yolk does not cause
cholesterol problems, while the cooked does. Late Dr. Bruker wrote a book on allergies, where I found
scientifically confirmed what I experienced in my body. He cured patients with allergies by putting them on
a regimen of no heated milk and dairy products and no isolated salt.

Anyway, I like the well-done research that is reflected in your articles, which are helpful when researching
for information when going through a minor health crisis. It might be a win to take into consideration that
the holistic effect of herbs, not only of their components, and that it makes a difference if you are on an
American Standard Diet or on a Raw Food diet.. If you choose to look into raw food diets I would love to
hear from you about your experience.
Happy and healty New Year to you, too.
Keep in touch,
best regards,> December 17, 2010, 3:00 AM
Been reading through your site with great interest.

Thank you for some excellent information.

I've been using stevia on a daily basis for over 9 years now.

I have a major sweet tooth, used to have 8 spoons of sugar in my coffee. Stevia has been a godsend for

Because I appear to have a high tolerance for sweetness, I used a heaped teaspoon of stevia extract,
pure white powder, with over 80% Reb A, in any hot drink. I also use a heaped teaspoon to make my own
soft drink, of which I through about 3 litres a day.

I have had zero side effects. My blood pressure, glucose levels etc., are excellent: had a full blood test
only a few weeks ago in fact.

To me it seems that it very much depends on individuals regarding how they will or will not react to
something. I am a case in point, in that I have Menieres, an incurable, progressive inner ear disease, and
thanks to high potency vitamins I have been in remission now for about 12 years. However, not all fellow
sufferers have seen a helpful effect from taking the same products.

I think that, based on the decades of use, and clinical studies to date, Stevia is a generally safe product.
I'll certainly continue to make it a daily part of my diet, as it helps significantly with weight control.

By the way, Stevia was approved both in the USA, and in Australia in 2008 for use as a food additive.

My Response
Thank you for sharing your story with me, and I will publish it (without your email) once I have a chance. I
am glad to hear that you have an excellent blood pressure and glucose levels. Wish you a wonderful year
of 2011. January 13, 2011 1:07 AM
Thanks for emailing me to let me know, appreciate that.

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2011 too.

Not so great for many here right now due to the flooding, but waters are starting to fall now.

It is in my original post, but just in case, I'll mention again that Stevia is now approved for use in both
America and Australia.

Thanks again for your email and for your informative site. January 18, 2011 2:17 PM

I have posted about this on the Diet Board and on Cure Zone. I have used stevia constantly since 1994 -
100% pure stevia powder, no additives. About 2½ years ago, I began to have pain in the balls of my feet
- the left foot, especially. The pain increased daily. I thought that it was my shoes, or some kind of
planter's wart, or a fungal infection. I soaked them, I pared them, I wore reverse-heel technology shoes, I
even took a razor blade to the area, to hone down the "callous". Nothing helped.

The pain was so intense, that if I bumped the sore areas, I could have screamed in pain. Stoic that I am, I
didn't say much to anyone, as I was determined to find the solution to the problem.

Finally, I stumbled upon a post online, relating stevia to foot pain. Aha! I immediately stopped using my
beloved stevia. That was only a few days ago. Already, the pain in the bottoms of my feet has lessened,
and I can stand barefoot, on concrete without excruciating pain. Four days is not a very good test, but
there definitely appears to be a connection between prolonged use of stevia, and foot pain.

Hopefully, I will be able to report a total cessation of pain, in a few months. Since I have been using it
every day for 16+ years, I realize it may take a while to "flush" its effects out of my system. Thought this
just might help someone else, suffering with horrible pain in their feet. I would not have thought that stevia
was the culprit.

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