Drug Lawsuits
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Drug must be studied thoroughly and approved before being sold in the market. However, many drugs
cause dangerous side effects and even death. Serious health issue may occur when drugs are not tested
strenuously enough, and unexpected side effects become evident once the drug is on the market.

Drug Lawsuits- Do you have a case?
Drug lawsuits are personal injury cases in which drug users injured after taking the drug seek
compensation from the drug manufacturer. Drug lawsuits can win settlements for affected users by proving

[A] An user's injuries were actually caused by taking the drug.
[B] The manufacturer knew about the severe drug side effects but they failed to disclose them to the FDA
and the general public.

Users who develop one or more of the unexpected side effect(s) will likely have a viable legal claim and will
be entitled to compensation for their injuries. The injuries can be different kinds of side effects such as
congestive heart failure, heart attack, liver toxicity, severe allergic reaction, stroke etc. Families of users
who have died due to the drug side effects may also be entitled to monetary settlements for their loss.
Injured users should consult with a lawyer to see if they can start a drug lawsuit and if it is better to file an
individual lawsuit or join a class action case.

How to start a drug lawsuit?
The first step to starting a drug lawsuit is to meet with a personal injury lawyer for an initial consultation.
During this meeting, injured users should be able to find out if they have a provable case against the
manufacturer. The injured users can also learn about the process of building and winning drug lawsuits
and decide to fill an individual case or to join a class action suit.

How much for an initial consultations?
As an added incentive for prospective plaintiffs to stand up for their legal rights, most drug lawyers don't
charge for these initial consultations. To further encourage users to start their cases, most drug lawyers
work on contingency – meaning that plaintiffs won't have to pay for legal services until (or, in some cases,
unless) they win a settlement.

Once users learn they have a legal claim and decide to pursue a drug lawsuit, it's a good idea to find an
experienced personal injury lawyer to represent them in a professional manner. It is because plaintiffs are
more likely to win larger settlements if they work with an experienced lawyer for their drug lawsuits.
Experienced lawyer are usually more familiar to the procedures and proceedings of and settlements in
cases similar to the case.

Lawsuits are being evaluated nationwide for injuries caused as a result of the following drugs:
Drug lawsuit